Cosmetic Ultrasound Training

Go Beyond the Basics

Live Workshops

with Dr. John Arlette, MD, FRCPC

Gain confidence and competence in the foundations of conducting facial ultrasound imaging for the purpose of cosmetic injectable filler treatment.

Filler therapy is increasing in popularity...mostly because it is so effective in tightening and improving the skin.  Incorporating Ultrasound into your practice will ensure that you are up-to-date on the latest techniques so you can best serve your patients!

Use your Ultrasound Device

with Confidence!

All to often I hear practitioners say they HAVE an ultrasound machine but never use it! 

Take that machine out of the drawer or closet and start putting it to work for you in your practice!  Ultrasound is one of the most powerful tools you can add RIGHT NOW that will:

  • become a better injector.
  • help get better results for your patients.
  • increase profitability.
  • build patient confidence.
  • increase referral traffic.

Here's just a hint of what you'll experience when you attend:

  • The perfect blend of classroom learning and hands-on training with ultrasound devices so you walk away from this workshop with knowledge and skills you can start using right away.
  • Experience cutting edge equipment (or bring your own)!  You will have the opportunity to use devices on standard cart-based systems and experience the full range of ultrasound machines.
  • Discover and identify new areas for treatment to expand your practice while creating a niche in the filler market for your area.
  • Glean safety procedures for increased confidence through facial vascular mapping.
  • Enhance your expertise while extending your technique through careful evaluation of patient anatomy.

Differentiate Yourself from the Competition!

After attending this workshop, you will come away with the foundations of ultrasound physics that will give you the skills to create and interpret the images you see displayed on the screen!

☑ Understand the relationship between ultrasound waves, frequency, penetration, & resolution.

☑ Know how to select a transducer that will provide optimal visualization of the face.

☑ Understand how ultrasound energy is modified by tissue boundaries to create images.

☑ Learn how to maximize the adjustable features of your ultrasound device to provide maximum image quality.

☑ Be able to interpret ultrasound images, recognize tissue characteristics, & identify anatomic structures.

Dr. Arlette methodically shared his knowledge and passion.  In this hands-on workshop, I went from apprehension to confidence in using this technology and can't wait to bring this new skill to my patients!

-Dr. Matthew Mosher

Meet your Guide: 

Dr. John Arlette, MD, FRCPC

Your trainer is Dr. John Arlette, a Royal College certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon with more than 25 years experience with extensive expertise in facial anatomy and reconstruction, a Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery Division of Plastic Surgery at the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary.

He is an experienced and respected educator, who is a leading international trainer in ultrasound imaging.

He has used multiple ultrasound platforms for facial imaging and is well aware of what each has to offer and can bring this knowledge to you.

You'll have the opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced educators in the industry!  Get your questions answered from someone who walks the talk.

Dr. John Arlette, MD, FRCPC is not just an educator!  He uses ultrasound daily in his practice.